Basket making is an art that goes back thousands of years. Although modern technology can give a woven appearance to items cast into molds from ceramics, glass, metals or plastics, all baskets made from wood, reed or cane are still made by hand. While some baskets are made using glue and nails, all my baskets are 100% woven, using the techniques that make your basket a beautiful and lasting treasure:

  • Reeds are specially selected for each project, soaked in water to make them flexible and then woven and shaped by hand.
  • Finish trim is lashed to cover exposed edges.
  • Small slivers and burrs of wood that result from bending the reed are removed by burnishing with the flame of a small blow torch.
  • Baskets are then stained and sealed for beauty and protection.
  • Accent pieces may be added as a finishing touch.

Classes in basic weaving techniques are offered in the Sydney area. Class times, places and prices will be announced on this site. You may also schedule your own class for a group of three to twelve people. Write for a quote to meet your needs.